Meet the BOLD team. This team consists of four amazing, passionate people.

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Kimberly Bolden, Executive Director

Kim followed her passion working in IDD services and the nonprofit field for over twenty years when she decided to accept an offer to work in a personal care home managing the Alzheimer’s Unit. Although she loved the people she supported, the for-profit nature of this business created some conflict in her ideas for service delivery. A little over two years later, Kim returned to IDD services. Returning to her passion made Kim realize that she wanted to do better and be better at providing support to people with IDD. In September of 2017 she started trying to figure out how to create a new and different service model. BOLD is the outcome of her dream and passion. Kim has selected the best people she could find to help her bring BOLD into fruition.

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James Witmer, Vice President of WITT Program

James’ two passions include healthcare and human services. The highlight of James’ career has been teaching people with ID how to live independently, with minimal supports, in an apartment-style setting of their own. James looks forward to the opportunity to expand and evolve this program, called the WITT program (Wellness and Independence through Transition) into the best of its kind. James sees a vision where all people with ID the opportunity must live as independently as possible in an apartment of their own, or with a roommate of their choice.

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Samantha Gatto, Vice President of Lifesharing

Samantha loves to connect with people and is truly motivated by helping families create lasting relationships. Samantha was grateful for the opportunity to explore the for-profit end of social services but felt stifled by the motivation to make money. After 15 years in social services Samantha began to explore her options and found an ideal situation when she became a BOLD team member. This opportunity allows her to be part of building a program that fits her ideals and falls in line with her values.

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Angela Monteleone, Chief Operating Officer

Angela worked in the Human Services field for more than twenty-two years. Despite her compassion for the individuals she provided services for, Angela felt that it was time to retire or to find another career path to pursue when in early October, Kim Bolden called proposing a new and different service model to better support individuals with IDD. This opportunity to join the BOLD team allows her to work with three other people with a similar philosophy, vision and passion in the delivery of services to individuals with IDD.

In summary, you will not find a more dedicated, passionate management team. We are committed to making this company the answer to so many obstacles in the delivery of waiver services. BOLD will diligently work to overcome both obstacles that limit resources as well as barriers placed by state regulations.