W.I.T.T. Program Services

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Wellness and Independence Through Transition

BOLD has developed a unique type of service that will be delivered in our WITT model. Where other agencies try to deliver this model in the old group home setting, we will assist people to find a more community-based living arrangement. We will provide education and support to people who want to live independently in their community. BOLD will assist the individual by giving as much support needed in the beginning. We will use an assessment-based curriculum method. Each person will be assessed, and the team will focus on teaching the skills they need. We will use a combination of hands on teaching in their home and in the community (such as cooking classes at Giant Foods, banking advice from a banker, DIY skills taught at Lowes or Home Depot, etc.). Our focus will be using free and low-cost community-based resources to teach the skills needed to be independent, to allow people to be contributing and valued members of their community, and to cultivate a sense of community with a desire to give back to others in their community. It is our hope that in the end, the people we support will not only be more independent, requiring less community resources to maintain their lives, but they will be giving back to their community through volunteering, helping their neighbors or their families.